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Trauma Center

Lt. Wakes is a vengeful police detective determined to solve the murders of his partner and an informant, and joins forces with a witness injured during the shootings. After the killers pursue the witness across the abandoned floor of a hospital, she confirms Wakes's worst fears.

The eyewitness to two murders, an injured woman gets help from a detective to hide out in a deserted trauma center that's not as safe as it seems.

Middle-of-the-road thriller had mixture of fine moments with sillier ones. Bruce Willis phones it again but not quite as bad as in the past (i.e. 10 Minutes Gone, which I just watched the other day). I did like Nicky Wheelan at least and can’t say I wasn’t slightly entertained as I do generally enjoy movies that primarily take place in one location.

One side note, pretty amusing to see Steve Guttenberg in what is a bit role, kind of expected for him to be part of some (laughable) twist or something… **2.5/5**
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